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Sangallo Palace


The relationship between the city and the Sangallo Palace starts from the entrance way, where columns and rose windows recall the fronts of the Churches and Palaces in Perugia.
Entering the grand oval environment you are taken back to the Square, the place where meetings and socializing naturally occur.
Recalling the Collegio della Mercanzia, the main hall is adorned with the symbols from the Renaissance that evoke that very period.
In the main hall your glances can catch fragments from the past in Perugia, from the Etruscan, Romanesque and Medieval period. These periods can be noted in the columns and wood works.
Waiting for the elevator one takes in the architectural delights that have characterized the main Monuments of Perugia from 1500 to 1700.
In the corridors leading to your room the personalities that you meet arrive from works by the artist Perugino; this is an opportunity to experience close-up the elegant and sophisticated figures that make up the National Gallery of Umbria.
In your room you are surrounded by the aspects of Perugino's and Pinturicchio's paintings particularly those seen at the Collegio del Cambio all of which are gracefully framed over each and every bed.
The hotel holds firm to its integrated relationship with the city by being situated in the historical center at the top of the Paolina Fortress projected in 1540, by wish of the Pope, by the eminent architect Antonio da Sangallo; Hence, the name of the hotel.

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