• Q? Is the hotel situated in a limited traffic area?

    A. The Sangallo Palace Hotel is situated in the historical center of Perugia, at the beginning of the limited traffic area. Every guest can pass and arrive just in front of the main hotel entrance (Via Masi, 9) at every hour, without limits. It is enough to communicate the car licence plate number at the hotel reception, upon arriving. Once arrived at Sangallo Palace,every guest do not need the car to go up to the centre, because it is possible to walk to all the main monuments and tourist attractions.

  • Q? Where can I park my car?

    A. Parking places are available from Euro 11.00 to Euro 17.00 per 24 hours, depending on the chosen parking (parking places are located in the hotel or maximum 150 mt. walking distance from the hotel such us Piazza Partigiani Parking Place). It is not necessary to book the parking place, it is enough to require it at check in. . To get a special pass (more than 1 day) to enter/exit, please contact hotel reception. Once arrived at Sangallo Palace, every guest do not need the car to go up to the city centre, because it is possible to walk to all the main monuments and tourist attractions (car can be easily used for tours in the nearby art cities).

  • Q? Can I ask for a parking attendant?

    A. Yes, you can ask for an attendant when you arrive at the hotel. The price of the parking will be Euro 22,00 per 24 hours. However, it is very simple and quick to park the car inside the covered garage. Valet parking is available up to 10.00 p.m.

  • Q? What time is check in and check out?

    A. Usually, check-in is possible from 2:00 pm and check-out within 11:00 am. However, we can meet your requirements if you need different arrival or departing times.

  • Q? Can groups of tourists arrive by bus in front of the hotel?

    A. Buses of tourists can arrive in front of the hotel to download passengers and luggage. It is necessary that we are informed about the bus number plate some days before the arrival: so we will be able to prepare an authorization permitting the bus to drive in and out from the city (we will deliver this authorization by fax or email to the bus company or to the travel agency). The driver has to show the authorization behind the front window of the bus. The bus driver can contact the reception at the arrival to park the bus (bus parking place at an extra charge).

  • Q? Is the pool heated?

    A. The water of the pool is about 26/28 °C (77/79 °F). It is not a thermal water.

  • Q?Are there hair dryers in the bathrooms?

    A. Yes, all bathrooms have hair dryers.

  • Q? It is possible to have a trouser-presser in the room?

    A. Our rooms follow fire prevention laws and they do not have trouser-pressers. If you need it, we have an outside laundry/pressing service with an extra charge.

  • Q? It is possible to connect to the internet in the hotel?

    A. Internet Wi-Fi and Wired is available in hotel rooms and pubblic areas and is free of charge In the lobby are also available two internet points free of charge where is possible to print.

  • Q? Does the hotel offer a 24 hour Front Desk?

    A. Yes, the hotel offers a 24 hour front desk.