CITTA’ DELLA DOMENICA” is an amusement park for children and adults (40 hectares with zoological itineraries and children attractions) located on the top of a hill not far from Perugia city center. Some of the attractions: the little train, the stone monsters, the big zoo, the horse riding, the Sleeping Beauty’s castle, the labyrint…… “La Fattoria” (the farm) has been recently restructured and draws students from elementary and primary schools to new and instructive experiences, such as courses on: the milking of a cow, characteristics of horses, transformation from milk to cheese, sheep-shearing and birds of prey in flight. The Ancient Works laboratories (blacksmith, basket maker and potter) give a taste of hand-crafted manufacturing not often practiced in this day. A horse track offers the possibility to take a ride on docile Haflinger horses, guided by an expert instructor. The onotherapy centre aims at rehabilitating those who suffer from personality disturbances, high blood pressure, mental and physical sicknesses, through the exploitation of donkey characteristics, such as patience, docility and its slow, monotonous movements. In various areas of the park, there is a range of recreational/scientific laboratories for children aged 3 – 13 (divided according to age). Services included: Bar, restaurant and self-service, equipped nursery area and free hiring of baby carriages.


Agreement with Sangallo Palace Hotel Guests:
Discounts from 3.00 to 5.00 Euro per person.
To get this discount it is enough to go to the Città della Domenica Cash and sho the reservation/invoice/business card of the Hotel Sangallo Palace

Opening Days and Prices 

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