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With its Etruscan walls, a gorgeous Medieval center, Perugia is not only a city for the gluttonous (re: chocolate), but for artists and art lovers alike. More well-known, though, is old Perugia, surrounded by two perimeter walls. The exterior of the two, from the Medieval Age, remains intact over an expanse of a few kilometers, and along it one encounters several different entrances or portals, including the Cassero di Porta Sant’Angelo. The interior wall is the Etruscan perimeter (the Etruscans built seven different portals through which to enter), characterized by the large masses used in its construction. Nevertheless, not many monuments dating back to this ancient epoch actually remain, and most of the older urban core that is still extant harks back to the Middle Ages. The historic center, in fact, is a certified 14th-Century borgo, and one of the prettiest in Italy.

Piazza IV Novembre

The Fontana Maggiore in Piazza IV Novembre is the medieval symbol of the city. Born of the concrete need to carry water into the centre of Perugia, it is a masterpiece of thirteenth-century sculpture. The cathedral and the Palazzo dei Priori, one of the most magnificent palaces of the Middle Ages, with a splendid fan-shaped stairway, both face onto the square.

National Gallery

Palazzo dei Priori is also the seat of Umbria’s National Gallery; its interior boasts valuable works of art realized by artists with strong ties to the Umbrian territory. Among the masterpieces, one should note: the Polyptych of St. Anthony by Piero della Francesca, and the Polyptych of San Domenico by Beato Angelico.

  • Events

    - Perugia hosts events, such as Eurochocolate where chocolate, in all its varied forms is the rightful protagonist, and Umbria Jazz, the jazz music festival that every year gathers together the most important artists of the jazz world. -
  • Nature and Landscapes

    - Everchanging, untouched landscapes in the green of winding valleys make Umbria a region that will never fail to amaze. -