• Reservation and Client list
    - It is strongly recommended the reservation by phone or web. We will accept the right number of person to allow the correct distance from people to people in our restaurant. We will request for clients without reservation the minum generalities as cell phone number. As informative note on privacy, the following information will be canceled after two weeks.

    The Restaurant, its structure and services
    - We have revised the layout of our restaurant in order to garantee the distance from tables and seats, distance which avoid droplet transimission included the indirect through crockery and clutery , ecc. We have organized safe tracks for entries and exits, disinfection alcohol gel for hands in different areas of the restaurant. Before and after the table service time, A sanitation of tables and seats is planned ; table setting is made before the service and and clearing immediately after. We do privilege when possible the single use product instead of reusable containers if not sanitized (cruet , salt shaker , cheese bowl, ecc) We garantee a continuous change of air, through window ; filters and ventilation system wich are periodically sanitized with product with alcohol base.

    Behaviour rules
    The use of the mask is mandatory (before and after the meal, and, for every movement into the hotel as per example : using toilets , payment at the desk. It is also request the respect of the hotel signage references and distance from person to person. Access is not allowed for people with virus symptoms and temperature higher than 37,5°

    Menu and wine list
    - Menu à la carte, wine and oil list are accessible and available through QR code, on every table , or through plasticized and sanitized menu.

    Common parts and Restaurant disinfection
    - A separate waiting room in our restaurant is available ; if necessary the client is kindly invited to use it, to avoid crowd There is an extra sanitation with certifed products added to the usual cleaning procedure of the restaurant.

    Staff training
    - Our staff is specifically trained in relation to face the covid emergency , ready to assist you during your stay at the Sangallo Restaurant . The whole Restaurant staff (kitchen and room staff) will wear protective mask (certified) and nitrile gloves.

    "Il Sangallo" Restaurant - Sagallo Palace Hotel srl - Via Luigi Masi 9 - 06121 Perugia (pg), P.IVA 00316610542