Perugia etruscan arch PORTA S. ANGELO


We start from Piazza IV Novembre where are located the most beautiful and historically significant monuments of Perugia : -the Fontana Maggiore (1278), a sculptural masterpiece by Giovanni and Nicola Pisano. -the northern facade of Palazzo dei Priori with stairs leading to the Sala dei Notari. Two 13th century bronzes are mounted above the gothic portal to the Sala. The statues depict a griffin and a lion - the two symbols of Perugia. -the S. Lorenzo Cathedral, with the facade seen from the Piazza adorned by the S. Bernardino Pulpit and by the statue of Pope Giulio III.. - The Logge di Fortebraccio which Braccio da Montone commissioned in 1423. Beneath the Logge we find a portion of a Roman Wall and a reproduction of the Pietra della Giutizia (Stone of Justice) with which the Commune in 1234 declared the public debt repealed.

Turning into Via Maestą delle Volte, we pass the S. Lorenzo Cloister on the right. Upon arriving in Piazza Cavallotti and continuing to the right, we come to via Baldeschi. A few steps further and we find the Arch of the Aqueduct that carried water from Monte Pacciano to Piazza IV Novembre whoch was converted into a pedestrian throughway .

Turning left at the bottom of via Appia, we proceed along via Sant'Elisabetta to find the Roman Mosaic and, a short distance further, the tiny Church of S. Sebastiano. Returning then to via Appia and proceeding along via Fabretti, on the left we soon arrive to the Convent and Church of the Olivetani which today houses the University, and further on we mmet S. Francesco delle Donne.

Going back along via Fabretti we come to via del Fagiano which we then follow to Corso Garibaldi. As we climb Corso Garibaldi we pass an uninterrupted line of Churches, Convents and medieval houses until we arrive at the top of the street to find the Temple of Saint Michael Archangel and a Guard House of the city gate. A short distance furher and we find S. Matteo degli Armeni and Monteripido Convent.

Going back down the hill along Corso Garibaldi we come to Piazza Grimana. To the right we have Palazzo Gallenga housing the University for Foreigners. Directly in front of us the Etruscan Arch which spans the beginnings of via Ulisse Rocchi. We can go up via Ulisse Rocchi to arrive in Piazza Danti.


  • Palazzo dei Priori (north facade)
  • Sala dei Notari
  • Bishop's Palace
  • Major Fountain
  • Logge di Braccio
  • Saint Lorenzo Cathedral
  • Via Maestą delle Volte
  • Piazza Cavallotti
  • 13th century Aqueduct
  • Roman Mosaic
  • Saints Sebastiano and Rocco Church
  • Montemorcino Church and Convent
  • S. Francesco delle Donne
  • Saint Benedetto Monastery
  • S. Caterina Monastery
  • Former S. Antonio Monastery
  • Holy Dove Monastery
  • Sperandio Arch
  • S. Lucia Monastery
  • S. Agnese Monastery
  • Temple of S. Angelo
  • Porta S. Angelo Guard House
  • S. Matteo degli Armeni
  • Monteripido Convent
  • Mercanzia Complex
  • S. Agostino Convent
  • S. Agostino Oratory
  • Palazzo Gallenga
  • Arch of Augusto or Etruscan
  • S. Fortunato Church
  • Piazza Danti

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