Perugia: S. Peter church PORTA S. PIETRO


In front of Sangallo Palace Hotel we enter into the Rocca Paolina Fortress and after taking three escalators we arrive in via Bagliona which ends with Porta Marzia. Then we go back to the escalators that head to Piazza Italia and Corso Vannucci. At the beginning of Corso Vannucci we can see the former churches of Saint Isidoro and Saint Maria del Popolo. After a few meters we turn right on Via Fani and reach Piazza Matteotti.

Piazza Matteotti, olso known as "Piazza del Sopramuro" is enriched by the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, home of the high law court during the era of the Communes and later of the Old University.

We then head down Via Oberdan to the stairs of S. Ercolano and the S. Ercolano Arch, a 14th century adaptation of the ancient Etruscan Gate. Further down we come to the remarkable octagonal tower-shaped Church of S. Ercolano.

From here we head along Corso Cavour to the church of S. Domenico. The imposing facade of this church dominates piazza Giordano Bruno. The Cloister of the former Convent, now housing the National Archeological Museum of Umbria, opens onto the square.

Further down the street and beyond the City Gate we came to Borgo XX Giugno and continue to S. Pietro Church : this is one of the most beautiful and historically significant churches in the city. Its elegant Bell Tower along with that of S. Domenico, are two of the most characteristic landmarks of the Perugia skyline. The university agricultural faculty is also located in this complex of buildings. Across the street from S. Pietro we have the Frontone Gardens which serve as an open air cinema during Summer evenings. Further down the hill we find S. Costanzo church.

We then return to the hotel along the scenic route of Viale Roma.


  • Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo
  • Old University
  • Arches of Via della Rupe
  • Ospedale della Misericordia
  • S. Ercolano Arch
  • S. Ercolano Church
  • S. Giuseppe (or S. Croce) Church
  • S. Domenico Church
  • S. Domenico bell tower
  • S. Domenico Convent
  • Palazzetto dell'inquisizione
  • Former Hospital dei Pellegrini
  • Former Beata Colomba Monastery.
  • Former Convent S. Maria Maddalena
  • Former S. Maria di Colle Church
  • Porta S. Pietro
  • S. Girolamo Convent and Porta
  • S. Pietro Convent
  • S. Pietro Church, Bell Tower and Cloister
  • Frontone Gardens
  • Porta di San Costanzo
  • S. Costanzo Church
  • Porta dei Ghezzi
  • Former college of S. Anna
  • Arch of the Funari
  • Palazzo della Penna
  • Paolina Fortress
  • Porta Marzia
  • Piazza Italia
  • Former S. Isidoro Church
  • Former S. Maria del Popolo Church

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